Saturday, August 4, 2007

Things that make me go...huh?

So I went out to grab some smokes today, and at the store I noticed the front page headline of the Chicago Suntimes. The headline basically asked if Barack Obama's wife was "black enough." This same question was also put to Senator Obama during the CNN / Youtube debates. This got me thinking. Why is this an issue? Barack and his wife clearly are black. Yes, they are both obviously very well educated. Is that what makes them "not black enough"? I really am concerned for the people that find this to be an issue with Senator Obama. I am going to assume for the most part, that people who raise this concern are black themselves. If race is an issue for people regarding this election I can't imagine that it is a white person who is saying "You know, I really like that Obama, he's got good ideas, but he could use a few phat gold ropes." I guess my question would have to be, if Obama isn't "black enough" for you:
  • A) What would make him black enough? - Remember folks this guy is applying for the job of LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD! Are you expecting that if we have a black president that all state dinners be catered by KFC and serve water melon for desert?
  • B) If you are not going to vote for him because he's not "black enough" (and assuming that you are a Democrat) who would you vote for instead? - I hear that John Edwards has mad street cred.
Obviously I am exaggerating some points here to make one. I actually like Obama and do think that he would be a very effective leader. (I have issues with him because he reminds me very much of Bobby Kennedy but that is a topic for another article.) I would like to think that black people if they support his views would rally behind Mr. Obama. I think he would do a much better job then that other black president that we had. Oh...wait, we've never had a black president. I mean come on folks, this is a man who I think has a great chance to become our next president, and from what I have seen of him I think he will be an excellent one. I personally wouldn't ever let a factor such as race or gender (in the case of Hillary) determine who I would vote for. I think our country is in a bit of a dark spot right now. We need an effective leader more then anything else. I honestly don't care what that person is going to look like, just that they start taking our country back down a road towards respectability that I think we have seen gradually decline over the last 8 years. Wouldn't it be nice to say "I'm an American!" and not feel like America is a dirty word?

If anyone out there wants to take a stab at answering my questions and explaining this nonsense to me I am all ears.

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