Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I am so punk rock...

Yesterday I tore the shattered remains of a broken tooth from my mouth! It felt great! Seriously.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Just Curious...

Does anyone else have this problem? So this weekend I tried walking around for a bit with my wallet in the opposite pocket at the back of my jeans then where I usually carry it. It hurt my back after walking about a block and a half. Am I weird because of this?

Couldn't Wait

Hey folks, I had to post this. 

Song List

Coming Soon...

I think I may have just made the best mix ever.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ummm...this is a jam.

This is really freaking cool!


I need to get some clothes that use this technology.  How cool is this?  Parts of the shirt only show up when viewed through a camera phone!   That shirt is down right adorable too.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Superman / Doomsday

Up until Batman Begins if you wanted to find a decent representation of your favourite DC super heroes in a medium outside the pages of the comics you turned to animation.  Superman/Doomsday the most recent release from the Warner Brother's Animation Studios certainly continues the excellent trend started by such shows as the Batman Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League Unlimited and many other DCU projects.  This full length feature is more inspired by the events of the epic Death/Reign of Superman story arcs then a straight adaptation of the original story as it appeared in the comics.   This refashioned tale works to combine two very long stories into a nice tight 2 hour package.  However, do not think that the tale suffers due to this condensation.  In many ways it makes for a far more focused and compelling tale.  I especially enjoy the changes made to the second half of the film which deals with Superman's return after his apparent defeat at the hands of Doomsday.   I even feel as if they explain how Superman returned from the dead in a some what more believable fashion even though it bares quite similar to the comics in that regard.   I wont talk too much about the story as I'd like you all to see it

for yourself with no spoliers.  However, I can say what is done very right about this movie.  The battle between Superman and Doomsday is amazing.  This is as brutal and ferocious as the comics depict and a PG-13 rating will allow.  Doomsday is down right terrifying.  Just as he should be.  I also enjoyed the way that the Superman, Clark and Lois's relationship is handled.  Finally, the animated version of Lex Luthor shines as one of the most evil incarnations of the bald headed xenophobe in existence.   If you are a fan of the Man of Steel (Garvey and Alex) you must at least see this, if not add it to your collection immediately.   All in all a great movie.  I highly recommend it!    


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Trying out a new editing software

I saw this program called Microsoft Live mentioned on a software site, and thought that I would give it a whirl for blogging.  It's pretty cool so far. 

spoilerSo is it wrong to go to an Aquarium and then eat sushi afterwards?  I hope not.  Sushi is so good.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Kelly works until 4.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Just ruminating a bit. You know what my most and least favourite part of Christmas is? How freaking hard it is to sleep knowing that you're going to get presents in the morning.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Calling you folks out...

Having recently been inspired by my viewing of the documentary "The King of Kong" I have started playing lots of emulator Donkey Kong. Let's see your top scores! The above is easily my best run so far.

Friday, September 7, 2007

If There is a God...

So rumours have been circulating on the Tugboat Annie MySpace page of a possible reunion show! Jay Celeste says he's interested. If this happens I will be in Buffalo for it. Try and stop me. Seriously, if you don't know this band check them out. They have a great selection of tracks streaming from the MySpace page. (I also have a fairly complete digital discography. Ask nicely and maybe I'll be your friend.) This band is one of my all time favourite bands. If not my favourite. Certainly the best band out of Buffalo in the mid to late 90's. (Sorry to both the Goo's and Ani.) The MySpace page isn't maintained by the band, but mad props to the guy who does. He sent me an mp3 of my favourite Tugboat song (and the biggest hole in my collection) "9more". There is plenty of live stuff and demos to download through the site as well! Check them out to see what it was like back when Emo was not a dirty word!

Lots of stuff to talk about...

  • Christmas is just around the corner.... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  • I haven't written about this much yet, but I have been working on a new play. We are currently in our second weekend and so far we have sold out every performance! The show is called "The Book of Liz" written by David and Amy Sedaris. This is my first show with a new troupe and I have really enjoyed working with them so far. I designed the lighting and sound plots for the show. I am pretty happy with how things turned out and am glad that the production has been well received. I hope that the company allows me to work with them again.
  • This may shock some loyal readers to hear, but I have actually just finished reading a real book. (And am working on a second.) Granted they are real books about comic books but hey. It's a start. The one I just finished is Comic Book Nation: The Transformation of Youth Culture in America by Bradford W. Wright. I really enjoyed it a lot, and actually learned a bit. It brought to my attention a lot of characters and stories that I had never been exposed to and now am dieing to read. If anyone can tell me where to find any reprints of the sci-fi comics published by EC Comics in the 50's I would certainly appreciate it. They sound interesting.
  • Also this past weekend I picked up a new first person shooter for my PC called BioShock. This game is pretty darn awesome. One of the best looking video games that I have ever seen. It is also "don't play at night" scary. The sound design is especially well done and really draws you into the game quite nicely. The enemies walk around ranting and raving to themselves before they see you and are just so scary. I am not too far into the game but I look to put some QT in with it this weekend. I love this game because there are enemies in the game that really give you a sense of accomplishment when you bring them down. The first time I bagged a Big Daddy might be one of my proudest video game moments ever. What an intense fight. I'll keep folks posted as I progress through the game.
  • Final note of the post. I had the chance to see the new Rob Zombie "Halloween" remake this past weekend. I'll say this. It wasn't great, but wasn't the disaster I thought it was going to be. Just sort of average. I certainly enjoyed it more then Rob Zombie's other two movies. However, I can honestly say that if it wasn't a remake of a movie that I hold very near and dear to my heart I probably would not have even thought about going to see it. This certainly is not the movie that I love. It is it's own beats to be certain. A rewritten screen play courtesy of Mr. Zombie basically gives us a movie in two halves. The first half focusses more upon a young Michael Myers and tries to shed some light on what made him into the monster that he is. The second half of the movie focuses upon the tale we are more familiar with from the John Carpenter film as Michael stalks and kills his way through Haddonfield Il, on Halloween night. The problem with this new story structure is that even though we might get a better idea of why Michael has gone off the deep end. (He was the product of a very abusive home) It really does not explain why Michael takes the course of action he does in the second half of the film as he stalks Laurie Strode who is revealed to be his sister. (Apparently this piece of information comes to light in the sequel to the 1978 original.) Sadly, another disappointment however expected it was is that under Mr. Zombie's direction the story has lost all of the subtle touchs that made the first film so frightening. Mr. Zombie as well as his Michael for that matter ratchet up the violence and gore ten fold in this new film. More people die in the first half hour of this film then in the entire John Carpenter film, and boy is it bloody. I think I will at some point write a longer critique and comparison of the two films. I just wanted to get some of my initial thoughts out there.