Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cool Website of the Day

I point out this site to you largely due to it's banner.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tweet Tweet!

I decided to see what all the hullabaloo was about and made a Twitter account.  You should follow me.  I can't honestly say I know what I'm going to use it for but hey.  You should follow me anyway.

You can find me here...

Tee Hee...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

PE in Full Effect! Brotha!

Right now Chuck D, Harry Allen and Keith and Hank Shocklee of Public Enemy are giving a talk about the album "It Takes a Nation of Millions..." in the building where I work.   It's part of the Pitchfork Music Festival which happens this weekend.  Tomorrow PE will be performing the ENTIRE "It Takes a Nation" album at Pitchfork.  I of course have tickets.  If you don't know this album correct that problem now!  It is one of the most amazing Hip-Hop albums EVER!


Sorry for the bad pic. From Left to Right: Some White Guy Who Made a Documentary About Sampling, Harry Allen, Keith and Hank Shocklee, Chuck-D.

Free NPH! While Supplies Last!


For a limited time only via iTunes and at you can catch three short clips featuring NPH as the evil Dr. Horrible.  Hurry.  They will only be available until July 20th.

My new favourite song

Thanks to Crave Thought for showing me this.

This game looks awesome!

Check out this in game footage from a new game called Mirror's Edge.  This might be a better (and safer} idea then joining the Chicago Parkour Society.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


new 094

Frackin' Toasters

I've run out of things to bitch about for the moment.   If you need help spending your Stimulus Check you can buy me this:


Thanks Engadget!

I'm Already Going to Vote For You...

I'm in a punchy mood today and little things are pissing me off more then usual, and I feel like cyber ranting about them.


I already am pretty darn sure that I am going to vote for Barak Obama.  Why do I have to delete 3 to 4 e-mails a day from his campaign?  I never read these, I never will.  I honestly could care less about some house wife in Kansas who had a deep personal experience with one thing or the another.   Mr. Obama, unless you do something stupid, or John McCain gives me a real reason the choose him I am going to vote for you.  Stop sending me all this GD spam!


On another note.  When the hell did Facebook turn into Myspace?  I loved you Facebook.  I never got invitations from half dressed women, or bands that I am never going to listen to. The people who I talked to on facebook were all real. Now, I get group invites all the time from different theatre companies that my friends are a part of.  Every day I get a few messages reminding me about some show or event that is coming up.  I love to support my friends, but let's get this out in the open.  In all honesty I am not a fan of watching theatre.  If the show sounds cool, I'll go.  Just don't expect me to simply because we know each other.  This isn't me being a dick.  I just view theatre differently then most people.  Theatre is something I do.  Not something I see.  Do you want to know why?  Basically, I do not like to watch theatre because when ever I do all I can think about is how much I would rather be doing theatre then watching theatre.  I hope this doesn't make me come off as a prick.  I try to apply this philosophy to my life as well.  If I am doing a show, I'll mention it do you, but certainly don't feel that you are obligated to come and see it just because we know each other.  If you want to come and see my show I of course think that is cool, but I'm not going to annoy you about it, because I certainly don't want you to do the same to me.   Theatre is an artistic expression for me.  Quite honestly I would do it for no one and I wouldn't care.


Why am I so filled with rage today?

Who says nothing good came out of George Bush's Presidency?

Thank you Mr. Bush* for my new video card, coffee table and dinner last Friday.


*It should be noted that this does not make up for the whole "war thing".

Steve Jobs...STOP!

Dear Apple. 

Please stop trying to force your Safari Browser on me every time iTunes updates.  If I wanted your crappy browser I would install it.

Maybe I Should Drive?

Thanks to Gina and Finch for bringing this to my attention.  Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies was recently arrested on drug charges.  




Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The first shots...

Well, I've gotten a couple of pics taken of the new place.  Check them out.  I live HERE!  Are you envious?  You aught to be.

Living Room

This is the Living Room and Finch.  Finch did all the painting and it came out FANTASTIC!

Dining Room

Here is a picture of the dining room under construction.  Or, I suppose I should say "Here is a picture of the RadioHead Room under construction."

apt 001

My computer set up.  (Come on!  You know I had to take pictures of this.)

Another pic of my computer set up.


There will be more pictures to follow once the rest of the rooms are finally put together.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sexy Internet...

God, I love my new apartment and my new awesome internet.   So me and Finch have spent most of our weekend working on the new place.  We got great help from Donny, AJ, Jason and April getting things up and into the new apartment.  I would have pics but my camera ran out of batteries and disk space so expect some soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

In honour of all my Canadian TF2F peeps.  Robin Sparkles!


Weird Feeling

Last night, I cleaned out the last of my stuff from my apartment and turned in my keys.  For a person who is constantly saddled by a wad of keys on my belt it felt oddly liberating to walk around for a few hours last night not having keys for anywhere that I lived.  I honestly can't remember the last time that happened.  Oh, I guess I should back track a bit for those of you out in the Blogosphere.  I'm moving in with Finch.  I picked up the keys for our new place this morning.  I am so freaking excited about this I can't even begin to describe it.  Want to know why I love her?  Look at this picture.  It embodies everything about her that I love in one simple image.