Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning After…

Last night Barak Obama was elected to be the next President of the United States of America.  I was there first hand to witness this historic event along with 240,000 other people who descended upon Chicago’s Grant Park.   Of the great events that I have been able to witness in my life none will live with me more then last night.   America made me proud last night, and more importantly, my generation made me proud.   As I have spoken of before, I felt that with this election, it was time for the younger generation of Americans to step forward.   That we did.  Just looking around me in the crowd the diversity of the faces and people I saw was astounding.   A lot will be written about how historic the election of Obama is for African Americans.  I’m not black, so I really can’t say much about that.  What I did see yesterday, was the confirmation that the American Dream exists, and that there is a place in our country for all people no matter the race, creed, sexual orientation, whatever.  If you want to be here and make a difference yes  you can.

I took some pictures last night and I’ll share them.  Sorry, I only have a crappy camera phone so most of these pics kind of suck.

11-04-08_2056 11-04-08_1524

11-04-08_1526 11-04-08_1727

11-04-08_1728 11-04-08_1729

11-04-08_1917 11-04-08_1918

11-04-08_1919 11-04-08_2055


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