Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Hello Folks.  I hope everyone's New Year was good.  Thought I would share some pictures from the New Year's Eve Party me and Finch went to.

Bre and Gina Gina and Bri showing off the dress Bri made for Gina.

Finch and I Sitting Me and my Finch

Finch me Colour

Gina and Finch Finch and Gina (our hostess)

Me Finch Finch Balloons

Finch Me Bre Bri gets a kiss

Finch Sitting Finch Trying to SitFinch Heather Finch and Heather

ME Bre Myself and Bri


Mad Typist said...

Did you and Finch coordinate your looks on purpose? Because it looks like you matched the color of your shirt to her dress.

Finch Grace said...

I swear that wasn't planned, the matching....