Monday, March 16, 2009


BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 2:

After my swearing in ceremony, my parents and my in-laws took me and Lisa to Lombardo’s on Hertel. We got to talking about favorite foods, and this next topic kind of stems from that. If you had the power to put together the most perfect, end-of-the-universe, nothing-better-was-ever-made repast, using whatever ingredients you want, and with whomever you’d like as your co-diners, what would you want? Tell me about one little bit, or all fourteen courses. Tell me about venue, about background music, about which box of wine goes best with which flavor of ramen noodles.

Honestly, I know next to nothing about food.  I can cook it pretty darn well, but when it comes to being a fancy gourmet "foodie" type person I fail.  I do however know that the easiest way to tell if a wine will go well with ramen noodles is by how close in size to a frozen turkey the bottle it comes in is.  

I can certainly say this.  Whatever this meal contains it will have two items in abundance.   Rest assured folks, that there will be shrimp, and there will be bacon.  There is actually a very good chance that the shrimp will be wrapped in bacon.  Heck, since this is an imaginary meal and there for my arteries will never have to suffer the effects of consuming it EVERYTHING WILL BE WRAPPED IN BACON!

I like bacon.

Joining me for this orgy of things wrapped in bacon shall be: 


Kurt Russell

and whom ever finds the golden ticket hidden inside the jar of mayonnaise in my fridge.

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