Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Greatest Band There Never Was

On Episode 14 of our podcast my co-host Jessie and I talked about some of our favourite works of animation.  I of course took the opportunity to sing the praises of what is not only one of my favourite animated series of all time, but also perhaps one of my favourite musical groups as well.  The show is called "Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad".  It is a tale of 5 Japanese high school students who set out to create the world's greatest band and just might do it.  Don't believe me?  Just give a listen to some of their songs which I will post for you below.


Spice of Life

I've Got A Feeling - A Beatles cover.  Better then the original in my opinion.  One of my favourite rainy day songs.


Moon On The Water - Not a BECK song, but a song from the series.  I think this song is gorgeous.

Hit in the USA - Not technically a BECK song.  This is the theme song to the series and is performed by a group called the Beat Crusaders.  I think this song should be the theme song for every television show ever.  Period.


I hope that you've enjoyed these tracks.  The anime series they are taken from is well worth your time.  A word of caution though.  As is often the case with anime the original Japanese voice cast is superior to the cast of the English dub version.  I would highly recommend viewing the Japanese version with English subtitles. Not only are the performers better in the Japanese version, but a considerable amount of the plot revolves around the English vs. Japanese language barrier and is lost in the English dub.  Plus for legal reasons you don't get to enjoy the awesome climactic cover of The Beatles "I've Got a Feeling."

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