Monday, April 16, 2007

Some thoughts from the weekend.

These are some things that I thought I'd fill you in on.
  1. The new PC is working quite well. I play a good 4 or 5 hours of WoW on Sunday. I must say, after my first few days with Vista I am quite impressed. This OS has very nice aesthetics. I think secretly every PC owner and user has been looking at Mac's for a few years and wished their computers looked that cool. With Vista I feel like Microsoft has finally given me that OS. The Aero interface is very nice looking. I love the see through windows. It is a system hog. with 2 GB of ram even idling the system was using 33% of my physical memory.
  2. Saw the moive "24 Hour Party People" last night. If you love the late 70's early 80's Manchester New Wave music scene (which I do) you will enjoy this mockumentary. It is informative, but at the same point funny as hell.

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