Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Clobbering Time...Online!

This is pretty awesome! Looks like Marvel Comics is going to start publishing old back issues of comics online. There will be a subscription for the service, but it might be worth it. Being only a fringe Marvel reader I've spent so much time on Wikipedia trying to wrap my mind around Marvel continuity (which I feel is just as confusing as the DC Universe with or without the Multiverse.) It will be great to be able to go back and read older Marvel stories in order to fill in the gaps.

Now if only DC would follow suit. Gabby...perhaps you could mention this to Dan and Paul the next time you get a moment with them!


gabsosteel said...

ha! i'll be sure to bring it up during our weekly conference call.

i only i was allowed to rule the multiverse...

goose said...

beers, being the Marvel freak that I am, call me with questions.(also I need your phone #) I don't know everything, but I've followed most of the major stuff, be happy to talk about Marvel Universe.