Monday, December 17, 2007

Does this bring a tear to anyone elses eye?

I just found this article on Tugboat Annie. If you didn't know TBA is my all time favourite band. What i didn't know was the story of how the band was named.

" Un peu l'histoire ancien: One evening an old drunk guy (whose teeth seemed to be made of wood) sat at Ray Flynn's and claimed, oratorically and with much gesticulation, that Mr. Bethmann was watching the film "Tugboat Annie" with Mr. Sulkow, and therby arrived at the band's name. He (old dude) was, admittedly, shit-faced, but his story has been discounted by nary a soul."

Now, for any true old school Buffalo folks out there that story should raise an eye brow. Is it some sort of weird cosmic coincidence that my all time favourite band was named in my all time favourite bar? I don't.

RIP Ray Flynn's & Tugboat Annie

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