Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Well, so far my Christmas plan is going wonderfully.  I have been laying on my Mom's couch, and eating food.  Happy Christmas indeed!

Being home has been awesome.  I've had the chance to see lots of old friends and hang out with all my family.  It has been a very nice relaxing trip.  It has certainly reenergized me to get back to Chicago.  I miss my nice warm apartment and radiators.  Not to mention my kitty and my PC.  Thanks to Chris for allowing me to get in a few rounds of TF2 to satisfy my cravings.  

I hope that all of you people out there in blog land are having a good holiday season.  I wish there was a way that I could be around all the people that I love during this time.  I wish the best to you and all of your families!

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