Friday, January 25, 2008

Why Hello Again!

Hi to all those folks out there in blog land. I know it has been quite sometime since I have written up here. I'd make up some lame excuses about stuff or things, but why waste the energy. It's my blog I can write on it whenever I want. That being said, it has been quite an eventful few months. The Christmas and New Years holidays are now well beyond us all. Even my birthday has passed ushering in my 31st consecutive year on this planet. Yep, I am old, and nothing makes you feel older then winter in Chicago. It is freaking cold here. It hurts to be outside. I feel sorry for anyone who might happen to be moving to Chicago shortly. They'll be in for a shock.

So what have I been up to in this very long blog-out you might ask. Well all sorts of things. Mostly good. Actually I wont lie so far 2008 has been pretty awesome. Want to know why? Let me introduce you to my girlfriend. (Isn't she pretty? This is a picture of us from New Years Eve.) We've been officially boyfriend and girlfriend for almost a month. She asked if she could change her myspace to "in a relationship" on December 29th. You might be wondering what about this lady lights such a fire in my belly. Well, just the fact that she asked me out in the manner should be proof enough for anyone who really knows me. Need more convincing you say? How about the fact that she's a budding music journalist? Or maybe that she's a very talented artist? (She even designs her own skirts!) In short, she's a great girl, and I have been so happy to have been able to fill so much of my time with her company. She's "Wow!" EVERYTIME! I am such a nerd over her that I've been carrying pictures of her on my iPod.

To be certain meeting "Finch" has been one the best things to happen to me recently. I also feel very fortunate that I have been involved again with another successful theatre production. It's a remount of a show I worked on over the summer called "The Book of Liz" which was written by David and Amy Sedaris. It is a pretty funny show, and easily the most successful production I have ever been associated with. We come close to selling out every night. Tonight the cast is going to determine if we will go into extension or not. i am sort of hoping for an extension for 2 reasons. The first being that it would mean money! Money is good I like it! The second reason being that because of the potential for this show to go into extension the director of "Lipstick Traces" decided to choose another designer for that production. I guess even if the extension doesn't go through I am happy to have made associations with the company I am working with now. They are called "Chemically Imbalanced Comedy" and it is a great group. I was even invited to join the company a few weeks ago!

Well folks, I need to get running. I'll be back soon with some more thoughts to share. Stay Warm!

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