Thursday, December 18, 2008

On My Way Home

Good morning to all!  Happy Holidays and all that stuff.  So today is my last day at work before I head to Buffalo for a nice long vacation.   I am really looking forward to making the trip.   It’s actually been a very long while since I’ve last been to Buffalo.  I think that it has practically been a year.   I am especially excited to be traveling back this year, because I will be joined by the Lovely Ms. Finch for a portion of the trip.  (She used up all her vacation chasing Thom Yorke and RadioHead around the world this summer so Finch will be coming for an abbreviated stay.)   Presently, I will be in town from December 19th through December 27th.


Here is a funny video for you.  (Rated NSFW due to: Some Subtitled Cursing)


But Wait…There’s More!


Thank you to BuckyKat from the TF2F forums for showing me these!

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Garvey said...

Remember the days at Adlab before our road trips home? the last half hour was always the worst. Travel safe!