Friday, February 27, 2009

BUFBLOPOFO ‘09 Sign Up Information Announced!

Hey all you bloggers out there.  As March quickly approaches so does another BUFBLOPOFO.! A Blogging event hosted by my good friend and former roommate Mike Garvey. 

What is BUFBLOPOFO you might ask?  

BUFBLOPOFO is a two week long orgy of blogging.  Our esteemed leader Michael J. Garvey esq will provide a topic a day.  Your job.  Post an entry to your blog on that topic or one of your choosing every day over the course of the event. 

When is it?

BUFBLOPOFO will run this year from March 14 – 27th.

What the hell does BUFBLOPOFO actually stand for?

It stands for BUFfalo BLOg POsting FOrtnight

Do I Need To Be From Buffalo?

Absolutely not.  All you need is a blog, and an internet connection.

How Do I Sign Up?

To register you and your blog for the competition just drop Michael J Garvey esq an e-mail at: mikegarvey at hotmail dot com   or post a comment here:

Be sure to include your name and the name and address of your blog!


Garvey said...

Mr. Beers, I love you and you are my brother, but it’s BUFfalo BLOg POsting FOrtnight. Who would want to blog for an entire month?!? That would be silly.

Beers said...

oops! Thanks Garv. Post fixed.