Friday, February 6, 2009



Howdy folks!  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve had some real content to put up here.  Sorry about that.  Sorry as well, that the usual flow of stupid youtube videos has been a bit sparse.   Well, I’ve been busy, so I hope you don’t mind I’ve been a bit less posty as of late.


So I don’t know how many readers out there followed my brief stint as co-host of my Team Fortress  2 clan’s podcast “The Fortcast”.  Well if you did,  thank you.  If you didn’t, well that’s okay too.  However, now you can be super excited, because I am back with another podcasting project.   Our new show is called “Across the Nerd-a-Verse” .   Myself and the The Mad Typist author of  The Cultural Cuisinart have joined forces to bring you this new show.  (That’s is a “chibi” picture of us drawn by our friend Monkee)   Since myself and my plucky co-host are certainly not shy about how deep our nerdy obsessions run (We are clan mates over at TF2F) you can expect to hear us pontificate on a wide array of topics near and dear to nerd culture.    We’ll be talking movies, video games, comics, books without pictures, awesome stuff we find on the internet and pretty much anything else that happens to catch our fancy.   We don’t at present have a listing on iTunes, but until we do we’ll provide download links to each episode so you can grab the MP3 to listen to.   

In an attempt to try out or format, and give me practice editing a podcast  (and I need a lot!) we’ve recorded what we are calling our “beta” episode.   You can grab a copy of the show HERE!  Please give a listen.  Let us know what you think!

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