Friday, March 9, 2007

Magic...Do as you will!

I got my autographed copy of "The Last Unicorn" yesterday, and instantly rushed home to watch it. Did it hold up over the years that have passed since I had seen it last? Yes and no. I've always loved this movie, and sitting down to watch it I instantly felt at peace with the world. Gord! Such a part of my childhood. When my family bought it's first VCR one of the few tapes we had to watch was a copy of "Last Unicorn" that a neighbour had taped off of HBO. I must have seen this movie a hundred times when I was little. Conclusions upon rewatching it: The redbull is still scary. Schmendrik is still my favourite character, and I still get misty eyed when Molly Grue first sees the unicorn and goes into her little tirade about being visited by a unicorn so late in her life. This is such a beautifully animated movie. Same visual style as the Hobbit cartoon, and even featuring many of the same voice actors. (Mad props to Brother Theodore for providing the voice to Mommy Fortuna's henchman Ruhk as well as Gollum in the Hobbit. Much love to Andy Serkis for voicing Gollum in the live action films but to me Gollum will always sound like he does in the cartoon.) I might be wrong about this, but I found the single most fascinating piece of animation in the movie to be Molly Grue's crazy head of hair. It's a sight to be hold. In fairness Mia Farrow's voice was a tad more annoying this time around, and it is pretty obvious that nether her nor Jeff Bridges can sing. (However you can sort of justify it if you think about the fact that unicorns probably don't sing out loud too much. Nor do dragon slaying knights.) Sadly, one regret that I had about my reviewing was the realization that this might be another movie (like Goonies) where if you didn't fall in love with it when you were you young then you might just not get it. (This rule sort of applies to any Tom Cruise 80's movie too. Especially "Top Gun" or "Cocktail".) I watched the movie with a buddy of mine who had never seen it before, and it was sadly obvious that he wasn't into it as much as I was. Oh well. I loved it, and over all enjoyed the movie as much as I remember. A great piece of my childhood. Now in a shiny DVD format. Happy Day. Oh, and female Lady Amalthea is still one of the hottest cartoons ever.

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