Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Think I Owe Someone an Appology...

So a few weeks ago on my friend Goose's blog I may have made some rather negative and uninformed comments about the game Metroid Prime: Corruption for the Nintendo Wii. I would humbly like to retract or at least revise my rather harsh words. I had the chance to sit down and watch my buddy Ryan play Metroid for a good while last night, and I must say that I was very impressed. The game looks great. Really great actually. Initially I had a difficult time focusing on the action of the game and separating it from the visor HUD that appears as a ghost overlay. However, as I kept watching I was really happy with what I saw. The game feels like you are playing through an interactive version of Tron. This is a good thing. In fact the visuals of Metroid combined with the control scheme of the Wii just might be the closest we can get right now to a virtual reality experience without wearing a stupid looking helmet. Being a fan of FPS's on the PC one thing about Metroid that really impressed me, and this is an extreme credit to the thoughtful design of the game is how natural the platforming elements of the game were integrated into the game as a whole. usually when a FPS includes platform elements into the play they have a way of feeling unnecessairly frustrating. Not so in this case.

I still don't think I would want to own a Wii. If I did want a Wii, Metroid would certainly be the game to get me in the door though. Sorry, I just don't like the controls. I think this has more to do with the fact that i have decided to become very set in my ways video game wise. (I sometimes think the Play Station controller has too many buttons on it.)

So Goose, I am sorry for blasting your beloved Wii. I do think I would take you Mouse & Keyboard vs. Wii Mote though.

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goose said...

No need to apologize Major! Glad you liked Metroid Prime 3. Wii isn't for everybody, and I would love to take that challenge of keyboard/mouse vs. wiimote anytime... would that we could ;)