Monday, October 22, 2007

Plenty to ponder this fine Monday morning...

This post is being presented to you in bullet-point vision because I am too lazy to pay attention to things like formatting this morning.
  • Once again, "In Mark's Head" was not recognized for it's outstanding contributions toward raising awareness of important stuff. Some how I will survive. Somehow.... Gordie Howe... Krakow...Kung Pao...I'll stop now.
  • Milk Cow...
  • So there were some great football games on yesterday. The Bears beat the Eagles with a last second drive at the end of a pretty darn boring game. I am happy that the Bears won. The season was starting to look like it could veer down the path of depressing. A loss yesterday certainly would have made for a long season. The Bears certainly are not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination. They have yet to show me that they are as good of a team as they think they are. Until they can start to play on offense with the full potential of their players, and the Bears do have talented players especially in the receiving spots and not rely on Devin Hester returning kicks to be the sole source of their offense I will remain skeptical. Which is always a healthy attitude for a Chicago sports fan to have anyway.
  • I am still not awake. It's 9:46.
  • I went over to my buddy Leo's place to watch football yesterday. He has an awesome TV. However, can someone please answer me this? Why was I not able to watch the last 2 minutes of the Houston / Tennessee game? This was easily the most exciting game of the weekend. It was decided by on sides kicks and a last second field goal that set the record for the most field goals by a kicker in an NFL game. However, instead of being able to watch the drama of this game unfold live I was forced to watch the conclusion through highlights and piss poor horrid commentary from the ABC studio crew. (Or whatever network it was.) The talking heads in studio kept talking about some rule that was preventing them from showing the game. What kind of BS rule is this? Who would make up a rule that would not allow you to show the end on an exciting game? It was embarrassing, and certainly did not benefit ether party. The NFL suffered fans not being able to see the conclusion of an exciting game and a record setting performance. The network suffered through what might have been the most painful 15 minutes of sports television broadcasting EVER! The talking heads that have been assembled for the networks post game round table tried their best to provide a play by play recap of the action in the final moments of this game, but really only served to illustrate that play by play broadcasting is in fact a skill that none of these men possessed. What ever this stupid rule was that prevented them from showing the end of the game is a REALLY FREAKING STUPID RULE!
  • So I had the audition for the competitive Team Fortress 2 clan this past Saturday. Sadly, I did not make the cut for the actual clan. At least the team I was assigned to managed to win the tournament in sudden death by eliminating all the opposing players with mere seconds remaining on the clock. I am not surprised that i was not selected. To help my team out I elected to play as a defensive engineer as opposed to the medic class which is my strongest class. I stunk it up in this role. All I can do is keep practicing and hope for a better shot when the audition for the remaining 6 spots on the clan come around in 2 weeks.
Well that is all for now...Keep on Rockin' in the free world!

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