Friday, February 29, 2008

The Battle of "New Hope"

akj8...I am throwing down the gauntlet!  Let the Battle of "New Hope" begin!  I've already told you of Audio-Surf, the wonderfully fun puzzle racer I recently acquired via Steam.  One of it's great features is that it collects the scores you achieve in various songs and compares them to anyone else who has played the song.   Until this morning by virtue of me having been the only one to play it I had been the world record holder for "New Hope" by Blink-182.

Then this morning I received an e-mail notifying me that my score had been beaten by akj8.   I did not take this lightly, and promptly logged in and trounced their score to regain the lead.   akj8 sensing that I would be at work took the opportunity to retaliate and past my score by a scant 1,276 points.   Enjoy your place at the top while you can akj8.  I'm coming for you, AND HELL'S COMMING WITH ME! new hope

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