Friday, February 29, 2008

Warning: Chicago Sees Dramatic Rise in Loganberry Related Crimes!

Living so far from Buffalo often makes me yearn for those little tiny things that are so intertwined with my memories of my home town. One of those things most certainly is Aunt Rosie's Loganberry. I love Loganberry. It is the nectar of the gods. The sad thing about it is that it is completely unheard of in the regions outside of Western New York. (No one in Chicago has ever heard of Sponge Candy ether if you can believe that.)

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today with this post. Last weekend as a surprise my wonderful girlfriend Finch ordered me a case of Aunt Rosie's Loganberry. This package of sweet, purplely, juicy goodness was whisked on it's way to Chicago via UPS. On Monday the package was reported to have been delivered to my apartment building and left at the front door by UPS. As the delivery was a surprise, I had no way of knowing to expect it. It is now Friday. I have no Loganberry. I can only assume that my treasure trove of sweet deliciousness has been stolen. As I am sure you can guess this distresses me very much, and Finch just the same. Does this mean that someone in my building is a thief? I certainly wouldn't want to think so, but what other conclusion can I come to? I am going to post signs in my building, but don't expect much from it.

So where does that leave us? Basically, we have been screwed over. UPS will take no responsibality for the package because they are instructed by the merchant to leave packages at the front door without a signature. Buffalo Foods washes their hands because on their website they have put a disclaimer saying that both UPS and Buffalo Foods are not responsible for stolen packages. Great! They have a disclaimer, they have Finch's money, UPS got paid for the shipping and I have no Loganberry. Both myself and Finch have gone so far as to call and speak with Ron at Buffalo Foods, and all he could offer was allowing me to order a case at cost. He didn't freaking care. (Granted I can understand his side of things they claim to be a small 3 person company.) This is easily the worst and least sympathetic customer service that I have ever experienced. I would wonder how a company could stay in business with that level of customer service, but I suppose since they have Finch's money this doesn't affect their bottom line at all. Well I will have my say. Granted, I realize that my blog has no influence what so ever, but I know some people read it. If any of my readership happens to ponder ordering from this company and doesn't because of this, even just one I might feel a little better.

I had long been pondering starting to order regular cases of Loganberry so that I could have some here in Chicago. You better be certain that if I do it certainly will not be from

Hey, here is an idea. Visit their site. Write Ron an e-mail. Tell him he sucks.

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Garvey said...

Just emailed him. It's pretty clear in his fine print that stolen product isn't his fault, but it seems like he should at least offer the option to his customers to require signatures.

Honestly, I blame UPS more than him, but he's the one who wrote the fine print after all.