Monday, February 18, 2008

We called "Twin Galaxies" last night!

So last night me and The Showmen were sitting around watching "The King of Kong" and playing Magic.  (Normal Sunday stuff really.)   After the movie The Gent was trolling around on The Twin Galaxies web site and we happened upon a phone number for Walter Day.   The operator of Twin Galaxies the organization responsible for  tracking the top scores in Arcade Video games.  So we decided to give him a call.  Would you know that the man answered!    We chatted with Walter for a few minutes, and he is going to send us some autographed "King of Kong" posters.   He was such a nice man and we really had a fun conversation with him.  So cool!


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Yes with a little no mixed in said...

I just saw the movie a couple of days ago. It is a shame such a nice man is on the verge of destroying 27 years worth of work by fawning over every trick of Billy Mitchell.