Monday, April 28, 2008

Morning Folks

  • Congratulations to the Automatic Rebalancer on his new PC.  Seriously, I think it's time for Team Fortress 2 for you now.
  • I've decided to do one of the nerdiest things I've ever done in my life.  The Second to last weekend in May I am going to drive myself and my computer 4 hours to Windsor Ontario to play in a LAN party with my fellow Team Fortress 2 Fort clan mates.
  • Got to watch the streaming performances of Portishead, and Hot Chip from Conchela this weekend.  Both really good.  I was sad that the Animal Collective performance was preempted for Portishead just as it was starting to get interesting.
  • Saw two great movies this weekend: True Lies - I know this is old, but I had never seen it.  Loved every second of this movie.  Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Writen by and starring Jason Segal of "How I Met Your Mother" this movie had me laughing the entire time.  It isn't hysterically funny, but that isn't intended as a slight.  The humour is really good, and the dialogue really shines.  I enjoyed this movie quite a bit.

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