Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nation (well okay...mostly just Buffalo) shudders under the weight of most recent Loganberry tragedy!

Why is the world conspiring against my quest for Loganberry?   Some of you may recall awhile back the unfortunate Loganberry debacle of '08.  Well now another shot has been fired in this slash and burn campaign against the deliciously sweet beverage.  Mighty Taco for years a bright glimmering beacon for the consumption of cheap but awesome Mexican food has removed the wonderous drink from its menus.  Is this the year everything sacred and wonderful about Buffalo dies?  What next?  Will the Bills move to Toronto? (...oh) 

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Mad Typist said...

Dude, I grew up ADDICTED to Loganberry. Also, I'll be really pissed when the Bills inevitably move to Toronto. Must everything be better in Canada?