Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BNL Fans! A Little Help Here!?!

So today I’ve been getting some flack from Finch and her friend for my love of the Barenaked Ladies.    Through the course of our conversation I got to thinking about what would be my Barenaked “Unicorns”.  (Finch’s term for a song she would kill to see played live.)   Here is where I need your help Blogo-sphere.  Does ANYONE, ANYONE at all remember a BNL PSA that used to play on television during Saturday morning cartoons that featured Ed Robertson dressed as a green skinned alien?  Does anyone know where this can be found online?  I’ve tried You Tube to no avail.

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jay said...

It is from a 1992 Fox PSA and the song is called "Then There Was Me" (aka "The Ballad of Gordon"). It was never released.