Monday, October 20, 2008

Officer Burke

Recently one of the security officers employed at the building where I work past away.  Quite a shock as he was only in his 50’s.  His passing saddens me greatly.   There was a period of my life when things were not going so great for me.   Many trips to my building’s shipping dock were made during that time.  Even in the midst of near mental break downs Officer Burke was there with a kind word and ear.  I never got to say thank you to him for those few brief moments of his time that were offered to me unsolicited.  As I stand from a place where my life has taken on quite a dramatic change from those dark times I wish I could have said “Thank you.”   Officer Burke was not one of those people that make a majour impact on your life, but contribute none the less with a kind word and smile.   Officer Burke, thank you for listening.  You’ll be missed.

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