Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who You Going to Call…Ghost Hunters!

So the boys (And gal) from T.A.P.S have made another visit to my home town of Buffalo NY.  This time around on Ghost Hunters they pay a visit to the Buffalo Central Train Terminal.  This newest episode is available for viewing via Hulu.  Check it out.  This one is even better then when T.A.P.S visited the Iron Island Museum earlier this season.


Now, I may be a bit selfish in wishing this seeing as how T.A.P.S has already visited Buffalo twice, but I need to join the Wannabe Outdoors Man’s call for them to visit the old Richardson Towers which housed The Buffalo Psychiatric Center.


I have driven by the Richardson Towers so many times, and I just have to say that they are some of the creepiest looking buildings I’ve ever seen.  I would love to see T.A.P.S investigate this site.

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