Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Leisurely Sunday Blog

Hey there folks.  How are you all doing.  Trying something new today.  I'm just hanging out at my place.  Watching some football.   I thought I'd just start a post while I'm hanging out and add to it as the day goes.

So watching the Bears vs. The Vikings.  It's a great game so far.  Both teams are playing it tough.  The Bears are really impressing me on offense.  Kyle Orton is playing really well.  He looks like a different quarterback then I've seen him in the past.  He's thrown 2 touchdown passes today.  (It wasn't his fault that Marty Booker can't catch.  He made that throw.)  I'm liking the fact that the Bears are running no-huddle at times with Orton in the shotgun.   It harkens back to the 90's Bills a bit, and you know I think that is a good thing.  Part of me feels like they're an "Andre Reed" away from being something really effective.

Just saw the new I'm a Mac add from Apple.  Ouch!  That's mean.  Super funny but...Ouch! Point Steve Jobs.  (It's called "Bean Counter".)

Bravo!  The Bears' special teams is outstanding today!  Two special teams touchdowns on defense.

OMG!  Marty Booker!  CATCH THE BALL!

So I've been listening to the most recent Presidential debates on my iPod.  Really interesting stuff.   I'm not going to get to politicy on a Sunday.  Here's my only thought.  "Breaf of thresh air..."  Obama won the debate.  That is the moment McCain started to loose.  Interesting, that this brief momentary stumble (On a line that I'm sure had been feed to him as away to describe Sarah Palin.) came in response to a question about their Vice Presidential running mate's qualifications to step in as President should the need arise.  In his response, I can't claim to be convinced that even John McCain thinks she would be capable of being the President.

  27 - 24 at the half.  This is becoming an awesome game.  Bobby Gould just gave us the lead!

Why is it that I just NEVER get bored of Dustbowl? 

Yay!  The bears won!  So did the Bill's.  I'd call that a good Sunday.  To bad I was stupid and forgot to check my fantasy line up this morning.  I failed and started a bye week player.  The game is close at the moment, would have been nice to not be getting an automatic goose egg.

Well Folks.  Time to wrap up this post.  Me and Finch are off to dinner soon at Bob Chin's Crab House!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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