Monday, September 8, 2008

He doesn't look a thing like him...

Hello everyone out there in the blogaverse.  Happy Mondays! I hope everyone's weekends were well.   Mine was pretty awesome outside of getting stomp raped  in Fantasy Football by the Mad_Typist.   (I do have an outside chance of winning in my second league.  Fingers CROSSED!) I did get to take in the Redbull Flugtag down at North Avenue Beach on Saturday.  The Showmen Clan showed up in force to basically watch people push crap off a dock.  It was awesome!  Watching the epic failures is just as fun as watching a team get things right and their flying machine take flight.  The winning team managed to soar an impressive 120 feet!   You can't help but watch this event and begin to think about what you would do next yeah.  Kitten better be wary.  She's the lightest of our little family and both me and the Attache are thinking catapult!


I also this weekend had a chance to revisit an old favourite of mine.  Sergio Leone's "A Fistful of Dollars." 

If you have not seen this movie you certainly need to check it out.  It may have the best soundtrack ever!  (Note for all you early holiday shoppers out there: A copy of the Fistful of Dollars Soundtrack is now being placed along side the New Kids on the Block Christmas Album on the list of things to buy me if you want to be my hero forever.)

Anywho.  I've gone on a bit here, so Let me bring today's post around to the topic that I wanted to address.  Last night via Hulu, myself and Finch were watching some back episodes of The Daily Show: With John Stewart.   The August 29th episode raised some interesting points, that I want to discus.  First of all, I want to commend the Daily Show during this episode for taking the piss out of the Democrats as much as they do the Republicans.  Historically the Republicans have not fared well at the hands of the Daily Show writers.  I must admit that I had to wonder if the Daily Show (which I think is the source of the most relevant political commentary today.)  would treat the Democrats with the same critical eye.   I was refreshed to see that yes they do.   As I have said in previous posts regarding politics, there are a few things about Barak Obama which make me nervous.  Do I think he is a good man, and the best choice to take our country in a new direction?  Yes.  However, one thing that does give me pause is the near messianic attitude that some people regard him with.   I am glad that there is someone that inspires this much passion amoung the people of our country.   That being said though, I also hope that people can keep things in perspective regarding the Democratic candidate.  He is not Jesus.  (AH!  Now the title of this post makes sense!)  He is just a man like anyone else, subject to the same foibles and stumbles that we all are.  I fear that the fervour that he causes amoung his supporters could lead to disappointment as the reality of our political landscape rears it's head post election.  I commend the Daily Show for the piece that they did during the August 29th episode illustrating just how over the top the Obama fervour has become. 

Thanks for reading!


Mad Typist said...

I agree. Barack Obama is not Jesus, and as far as I know, cannot part the waters with his force of mind.

But understand that much of the enthusiasm out there isn't about the man, it's about the ideas he's pitching. I'm excited to the point of squealing schoolgirl, because I'm so thrilled to have policy positions I can get behind. It helps that he's eloquent, which makes the political stance go down easy, but the thrill is in the sense of having truly fresh ideas for a change.

My hesitation about the Clintons was due to the fact that in many ways they were as old school about politics as many of the Republicans. Obama, by contrast, shows signs in his platform (and in the decisions he's made so far about who he surrounds himself with) to make me think that perhaps his administration might actually impact and change the way DC works.

goose said...

Totally thought of you Major when I saw AMC tribute to the man with no name!!