Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HIMYM...How I See It Going Down

I hate it when my brain starts thinking and ruins things for me.  Stoopid brain.  On Monday night I watched the season 4 premier of "How I Met Your Mother".  So just based on what we've seen so far here are some ponderings that I have relating to the rest of this season.

I Don't Know If These Are Spoilers cause I'm just speculating but here we go.

  • Stella is not the Mother  - i think that this is a pretty easy assumption to make.  Yes, as season 4 opens we know that Ted has asked her to marry him, and that she has said yes.  Still, based upon the flash forward scenes with the children, I still do not think that we've actually met the mother.
  • Ted Will Meet The Mother This Season - I just think that is going to happen.  Here is the sucky part.  What we know so far about the mother, is that a) she appears to be the girl with the yellow umbrella, and b) the girl with the yellow umbrella was at the bar that night Ted got really drunk with Barney on St. Patrick's Day  We also know that Stella was there.   I don't however think that was Stella's yellow umbrella. What this says to me then and if the show remains true to the past is that Ted will at some point meet the mysterious girl with the yellow umbrella, and start to fall for her despite his relationship with Stella.   The writers have made it clear from the start of this season that Ted and Stella's relationship has a lot of unexplored issues at this point.   Especially from Ted's stand point as he seams to know very little about his future bride.   Knowing Ted's character one has to wonder how long it will take until he "Seindfields" the relationship as he has done quite often in the past in favour of the actual mother. 
  • Stella Will Ether Have Her Heart Broken or Die - If my above theory is correct this is really the only way things can end for poor Stella.  I actually do feel bad for Stella, because I think she is very invested in the relationship.  Perhaps even more so then Ted.   I mean she's going to pretend to love "StarWars".  My biggest fear is that when Ted does meet the girl with the yellow umbrella that she is not one of Stella's girl friends.  A very real scenario.  I think Stella deserves better then that.  So I guess the only way to resolve that problem would be to kill Stella.  (Which would lend itself well to my "Ted is Danny Tanner Theory".)

Actually, I wont lie.  I kind of hope this is the way that things shake out, because Ted bores me and I would much rather devote my energy to focusing on the other characters.  Barney in love is so De-Lightful!

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