Friday, September 5, 2008

You Know...

Towards the end of the Clinton administration and the beginning of the Bush administration I would have been proud to have John McCain as my president.  Remember when he would openly take a stance against the Republican party and just speak about things that seamed to make sense?  I don't want to take anything away from John McCain.  He has been a great friend and supporter of America for the better part of his life and I commend him for that.  

This is what this election means to me now.   This is the first time that the Post-Vietnam generation has really had a chance to step up and lead our country at the highest level.   The old guys have had a chance to run the country, they did some good, they did some bad.  No one is perfect, and I don't expect my government to be that way ether.   I want to give the rookie a chance, because you know what?  I think it's time for the next generation of Americans to step up into the leadership roles of our country.  Some of their decisions will be good, some of them will be bad.   They wont be any more perfect then their predecessors.  What is important is being able to properly frame the causes and issues of our time within the correct perspective of the time.  I am proud that Barak Obama wants to lead us,  I think he will do a good job.   If he doesn't, and enough of you agree, well then in 4 years we kick his ass out.  That is how America works.




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Mad Typist said...

Excellent. I see my email to you was sufficiently persuasive enough to swing you to my side. Mwahaha.

Seriously, though, excellent choice. While I used to be a big McCain fan, his actions for the past 2 years leave me wondering which is the real McCain - the maverick of 2000, or the shameless political panderer of 2008?

Obama/Biden 2008!