Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin

Today's subject is Sarah Palin.  She could be our next Vice President.  That's scary.  However, as I like to avoid making any hard political analysis on my blog, I thought instead I would share some funny videos.  The first is from SNL.  It's pretty funny. 

My next little clip here absolutely floored me.  I couldn't stop laughing.  Yes.  I understand that it is Matt Damon, and I've never been one to look to Matt Damon for guidance.  (However, he did hook up with Franka Potente in The Bourne Identity and is fucking Sarah Silverman, so perhaps the man knows something I don't.)  Anyway, if you have not seen this clip you should watch it.  He actually does raise an few interesting points.

I guess though the thing that makes me the most cautious about her is this:

War with Russia?  Really?  War with Russia?  That's so '87.  


Eric Dondero said...

What's scary is the thought of a Radical Islamo-Fascist like Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama President of the United States.

Sharia Law across the land under Obama.

Bush beat the Islamo-Fascists, Obama will invite them in to take over our country. But then again, he's one of them. Louis Farahkan, Rev. Wright, Raila Odinga.

Mad Typist said...

The fact that people still buy into the debunked rumor about Obama being a secret Muslim with a radical agenda makes me very sad for our country.

Beers said...

@Eric Dondero - Thank you for reading and for your comments. By extending your logic, I must be an alcoholic, because my last name is Beers. From reading your profile, you seam to be an active political chap. My question to you then is why do you wish our country to continue down the path we are on, where America has lost it's moral imperative in the world stage?

Mad Typist said...

Clearly, Beers, you don't get politics. Moral imperatives and ethics are for pussies. Community organizers? Also worthy of mockery.

One party in this country has become the party of bile and lies. Do some research, educate yourself and guess which one that is (this isn't directed at Beers, but the first poster)