Monday, March 10, 2008

BufBloPoFo Day 9 (So What if This Is Late!)

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 9: Share your own insider’s perspective on your hometown. Most of you, like me, are Talkin’ Proud, so share your expertise. What’s your favorite way to spend a Buffalo summer day? Which old timey Buffalo movie theatre is to most old timey? What’s your most vivid Buffalo memory (any Buffalonian worth his or her road salt knows where they were when the pigskin went wide right.) Your favorite Buffalo restaurant? (If you say Wild Wings, you’re dead to me.)

So back off, I did at least post yesterday, so I am still going strong as far as posting every day is concerned.  Yesterday was a busy day.  The time change has screwed with me more then i would have expected.  It's noon on Monday and I still feel like I'm walking through fog even though I have had my morning coffee.  Yesterday was pretty awesome.  I got to go to see The Chicago Blackhawks lose to the Edminton Oilers  5 to 6 in overtime.    Even though it was a loss for the home team it was a great game, and heart breaking when the Oilers lit the lamp for the final goal in overtime.  Sadly, I was a bit disappointed that Buffalo native Patrick Kane was rather ineffective throughout the game.  After the game it was time for sushi with Finch. 

However, on to yesterday's topic.  I certainly have many fond memories of places in Buffalo.  A few of my favourite spots include...

1) The Eternal Flame Falls - Hidden in the forests beind Chestnut Ridge Park you can find this small waterfall that houses a natural gas jet at it's base.  A waterfall you can light on fire.  How cool is that?

2) Glen Falls Park -  An absolutely beautiful park that is hidden just off of Main Street in Williamsville.

3) Mighty Taco - When I come home the list of must visit places seams to get shorter and shorter.  However, Mighty is always on this list.   The BBQ Beef Burrito is heaven combine that with a nice big cup of Loganberry and you are golden.  However, according to the linked Wikipedia article they are no longer serving Aunt Rosie's Loganberry.  Can anyone confirm this?  If this true I am now more convinced then ever that the universe is conspiring to ensure I never drink that sweet sweet nectar again.

4) Niawanda Park - One of my favourite summer spots to walk.  I love sitting along the rocks and watching the water.

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