Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HA! This Rulz!

Found this clip on HuLu.  Sometimes SNL can be funny still.

If you have not been aware of HuLu allow me to introduce it.  It's a streaming video site.  I've been participating in the beta for a few months.  Tomorrow it goes live.  Sign up for an account.  You wont be sorry.  Why won't you be sorry? 

One word...


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SurgeFilter said...

Just love this whole 1980s retro scene at the moment. Hulu certainly helps me re-live those years. Hopefully Knight Rider 2008 will be picked up for the Fall (and they'll give the car and The Hoff more to do).

In the meantime I'm enjoying the awesome new, digitally remastered Airwolf soundtrack that they've just released called 'Airwolf Themes' which you can download off Apple iTunes Store, or from their official website where there are great teaser samples, http://www.airwolfthemes.com/ I think Hulu's Airwolf pheneomenon is just the tip of the iceberg and really just setting us all up for an Airwolf revival movie too.