Saturday, March 1, 2008

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 1:

The RTB has given us this topic for day one of BUFBLOPOFO:

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 1: Look at you. You blog. You’re a blogger. You’re reading a blog right now and already thinking about what you’re going to write on your blog. So… tell me about your blog in general. Why do you have it? Why did you start it? What’s the name mean? Why that template?

Your Humble Author's Response:  Well, my blog is called "In Mark's Head".  While it may seam like a collection of weird random posts relating to practically nothing, I would like to think that just maybe it shows what is going on in my head at any given moment that I sit down at a computer.  I know there are others out there who actually plan out a blog post, and devote actual time to writing them.  I don't.  Welcome to the stream of consciousness that is my brain.  Usually, if a post takes longer the 10 minutes to write I get bored because my brain has moved on to something else.  I probably have more saved drafts in my account the actual posts.   I suppose if they were interesting enough to have been finished then they would have been.  Welcome to my world!   I chose my template because it is brown.  I like brown.

Oh... I also have this blog so that I can share great things like this with you! 

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