Sunday, March 16, 2008

It Was a Good Weekend...

Howdy all those out there in Blog land. I got to say. I love weekends like this. You know the kind where Sunday rolls around and your sand to know you got five who days until the next one. It's been a fun weekend. Friday started off well. We sold out the Book of Liz at CiC again. (Have you sponsored me yet in my company's bowl-a-thon?) Then I ran a second show following that one at another theatre. Finch met me at the show. (She sat through 2 horrid female sketch groups, this is how I know she loves me.) We stopped by The Gent's place after for a bit and then went home. Saturday morning welcomed us with sunshine but a harsh wind. Finch had a hair appointment down in Wicker Park called Strange Beauty. It was a cool little salon and they give pretty good hair cuts. Finch looked great when they were done. While she was in the shop I took the chance to explore Milwaukee avenue a bit. I bought a new pair of white NBA Addidas which I think are pretty sweet looking.

After the hair cutting and shoe shopping we kept exploring. Lunch was had, and we visited a great store called Futurgarb. They had lots of cute clothes for Finch and an assortment of fedoras that would make Subscription Girl cry with joy. They also had three cats running around the store that were more then happy to climb all over me while I waited in the "boyfriend" section while Finch tried on some things. Continuing on I purchased my second pair of sneakers for the day. This time blue suede Converse One Stars.

The day was concluded by watching "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof." An excelent movie that I've never seen before.

New shoes, great performances, plenty of time with Finch. Yeah it was a great weekend.

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