Thursday, March 6, 2008

Support Chemically Imbalanced Comedy!


Hello to everyone out there in Blog land.  Forgive me for stumping a bit for a cause, but I thought I would throw this out there.  For the better part of the past year I have been working with a Chicago Theatre company named "Chemically Imbalanced Comedy."  Recently I was accepted into the company as an Artistic Associate.   In January CIC moved into their very own theatre space.   It is very cozy, but is still in need of some majour upgrades.  To help fund these improvements the company is having a Bowl-a-thon.  Normally, I am extremely hesitant to solicit donations from my friends, but if you would like to sponsor me you may do so online.   The proceeds from this Bowl-a-thon will be put towards the installation of an air conditioning system in our new space.   Any contributions will be greatly appreciated and will earn you mad points!  Thank you!

(Canisius College Little Theatre folks might recognize another name amoung the list of company members also.)
(Oh, if you have just happened by I'm Mark Beers btw.)


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